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ACCEPTANCE/AGREEMENT: This Purchase Order shall be accepted by Seller by shipment of goods, performance of services, commencement of work on goods, or written acknowledgement. No modification which is in conflict or inconsistent with, or in addition to, terms and conditions set forth shall be binding upon Buyer unless accepted in writing.

DELIVERY: Delivery must be in compliance with the schedule contained in this Order. Buyer may terminate this order, or any part thereof, if Seller fails (1) to deliver articles, work or material of the quality specified or within the times specified, or (2) to replace or correct defective articles, or (3) to perform any of the other provisions of this order. In the event of termination, Buyer shall have no obligation to accept or pay for articles, materials or work terminated and Buyer may purchase similar articles elsewhere on such terms and in such manner as Buyer deems appropriate.

PACKING/SHIPPING: All articles ordered shall be suitably packed for protection in shipment. No charge shall be made by Seller for packaging unless agreed upon in writing by Buyer. No charge for unauthorized premium transportation charges will be allowed.


PURCHASER CHANGES TO PRODUCT OR ORDER DEFINITION: Buyer shall have the right at any time to make changes in drawings, designs or specifications, method of shipment or packing, place or time of delivery or performance, and quantities covered by Order; with appropriate notification to Seller.


SUPPLIER CHANGES TO PRODUCT OR PROCESS:  Seller will notify Buyer within 30 days of changes to its product or the processes used in its manufacture.  Such changes include changes in facility location, design, materials, processing, or outsourcing of related manufacturing or processing.


WARRANTIES:  Seller warrants that all goods, materials and work furnished shall conform to applicable drawings, specifications, samples and/or other descriptions given to Seller, and shall be free from defects in workmanship and material.


INSPECTION:  Final inspection and acceptance of articles shall be made by Buyer after delivery or as otherwise indicated in the Order. In case any article is defective in material and workmanship, or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements of the Order, Buyer shall have the right either to reject it, require its correction or accept it with an equitable adjustment in price.  First Article Inspection reports may accrue additional fees when required on non-finished parts.


CONFIGURATION:  Seller is to use the specified revision of all documents, specifications, drawings, technical descriptions, digital data, programs, etc. referenced in the Purchase Order or governing contracts.  If no specific revision is indicated, Seller is to process in accordance with the latest and current revision and state revisions used in accompanying C of C and/or test report. 


OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE OF CONFORMANCE:  If the products we are buying are fabricated details, assemblies, materials, chemical products, paints, adhesives, hardware, or parts and materials processing services, the supplier must send certificate of conformance certifying conformance to indicated design criteria and specifications and the specific revision thereof.  When the product is metallic raw materials (sheet, bar, extrusion, billet, or any other shapes/configurations) Seller must provide chemical and physical test report from the facility where the material was produced.


INVOICES/PAYMENTS:  Payment of Seller's invoice is subject to adjustments for any shortage or for rejection. Individual invoices must be issued for each shipment applying against the Order and must show Purchase Order number.


RIGHT OF ENTRY/ACCESS:  During the performance of this order, your quality system and manufacturing processes, as well as the systems and facilities of Seller’s sub-tier suppliers, are subject to review, verification and analysis by ABSOLUTE DIMENSIONS, our customers’ representatives and/or authorized government representatives.

NONCONFORMING PRODUCT:  When Seller has no recognized disposition or repair authority, Seller will notify Absolute Dimensions any time it detects nonconformity in products it has, or will, deliver.  Seller will obtain disposition from Absolute Dimensions prior to shipment when possible and will deliver properly identified nonconforming product for disposition only with specific instruction from Buyer.  Seller will notify Buyer of nonconforming product discovered post-delivery at the earliest possible opportunity.


RECORDS RETENTION:  Seller is to maintain records pertinent to this order and its manufacture for a minimum of 10 years unless otherwise specified on the face of the purchase order.


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